What Makes Me Unique

I am a very professional English teacher with 30 years of experience teaching English. I am a Cambridge CELTA  qualified teacher as well as having university studies in Spain related to the English language as well as having the Cambridge Advanced Certificate (C1). I continue to study and plan to obtain a Business Certificate as well as Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (C2).

I enjoy teaching and it is my passion. After many years of working for schools and academies I have decided to teach online to be able to offer my services worldwide. I am very involved in new updated modern methodologies and the use of new technology in education which I use in my teaching to create the most outstanding results in my classes, providing and guaranteeing quality and efficiency. After so many years of experience and with such tools at hand I am able to put all my knowledge together and I wish to create an online academy that will enable the students to learn the language  in a very motivating way.

I offer "flipped classes" which means students will have all the theory and homework on an CMS (Course Management System) or learning platform. I am using Moodle which is used for blended learning, distance education,flipped classrooms and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces and other sectors. With this you will have all the resources I will organize neatly into modules and units and you will be able to work anywhere you like and whenever you want and have it all available on your desktop, your tablet or your mobile. You will be able to do your activities online without having to worry about notebooks, coursebooks, pens and pencils! Nevertheless it is still interesting to keep a notebook where you can write down your personal notes and any questions you may have.

Forget about having to rush to academies in all kinds of weather, or at inconvenient times as well as overcrowded classrooms and teachers that are not too interested in you learning. These are some of the points my students have been complaining about for years. 

I offer you my full attention and dedication and classes and courses that will suit your needs.  You will sense this from the first day. You will have to fill out a form answering questions about your English studies and your level of English and I will interview you to be able to create classes specifically prepared and designed for you. My interest is that you are able to communicate in English fluently and with confidence.


What My Students Say......


Julian is an excellent teacher.

He is very friendly and pleasant. 

His teaching is very enthusiastic and didactic.

The results are effective and he puts a lot of effort into his work. 

He has always been very responsible and never missed a class and has been very punctual. 

We highly recommend his services.

Juan y Loli


We have had Julian as a teacher for two years and it has been a wonderful and very rewarding experience.

He is a very pleasant person, very engaging and his methodology is exceptional.

Very responsible with his work, timetable and attendence.

Julian was recommended to us by some friends and we will do the same in the future.

David y Patricia


In just two months Julian made my son start passing his English exams at the institute. He had been failing the whole term. A few months after he has passed the recuperation exams and continues to receive classes from Julian this term, except this time the classes are online. I am very happy with his teaching skills and recommend  his classes. I am most grateful for his services. 


My journey

My name is Julian Tobin, I was born in London. I have lived in Bilbao in the Basque country, the north of Spain, for many years and also in a small village in the south of Spain called Conil de la Frontera in the province of Cadiz. I presently spend some time in each of these places.

I am bilingual and speak, read and write Spanish and English fluently.

My father taught English at university, so this influenced me a great deal. I also attended many of his classes from a very young age so it has grown into me for many years. My sister is also an English teacher and has an academy which is very successful. As you can see, it runs in the family.

Since I started

I started teaching my school friends at the age of 16.

In 1985 I started teaching in academies schools and companies as well as doing translations and have been doing so ever since.

I have taught all levels and ages which has given me a lot of experience.

Do you have any questions......?

Do not hesitate to ask me any doubts you may have.

Get in touch with me! I will get back to you as soon as possible.